Security door hardware accessories manufacturers description

  • Release date:2016-07-29
  • Abst:Security door hardware accessories manufacturers description

    Each fan security door hardware and ultimately, there is no hardware which it considered a complete door. Now we introduce security door hardware manufacturers including:


    (1) hinge: hinge generally can be divided into ordinary hinge, door hinge and hinge pipe.

    Ordinary hinge: for cabinet doors, security doors. Materials are iron, copper and stainless steel quality. The disadvantage is not an ordinary hinge with a spring hinge features must be installed after the installation of various hinge touch beads, otherwise the wind will blow the door.

    Pipe hinge: Also called spring hinge. Mainly used for furniture door security door connections, which generally requires board thickness of 16 to 20 mm. Materials are galvanized iron, zinc alloy. With spring hinge adjustment screw, you can up and down, left and right adjustment plate height, thickness. It is based on a characteristic space, with the doors opening angle. In addition to a normal 90 degrees outside, 127 degrees, 144 degrees, 165 degrees, etc. are the corresponding hinge match, so all kinds of doors have the appropriate degree of extension.

    Door hinge: it points common type and bearing type, ordinary type previously talked about. Bearing type from the material can be divided into copper, stainless steel quality. Consumption from the current situation, the choice of copper bearing hinges more, because of its styling, beautiful, affordable, and equipped with a screw.

    Security door manufacturers also introduced, as well as the other hinge: glass hinge, table hinge, turning door hinge. Glass hinge for frameless glass cabinet gate installation required glass thickness of not more than 5 to 6 mm.

    (2) Hinges:

    Clearly hinges and concealed hinges, hinge out what we usually see that most of the security door used not resilient. Concealed hinges mostly used on furniture, can be divided into hydraulic, quick, door frames and ordinary.

    (3) tracks: sliding door track, hanging round, glass pulley

    (4) the latch (light and dark)

    (5) Door Stopper: is installed behind the security doors, security doors open in the future, through the security door magnetic suction stabilized, it will automatically shut down to prevent the wind

    (6) to suck

    (7) doors

    (8) behind closed doors

    (9) door mirror: common name is called cat's eye, its role is from the interior security door by door mirror outward-looking, can see outside the field of view angle of about 120 degrees all the range of sight, but from the outside through a door mirror has Unable to see anything indoors if in public housing or private apartment door, etc., and put on the mirror, anti-theft and security for the family, can play a role.

    (10) Layering (copper, aluminum, pvc)

    Metal security door is an important tool, less any hardware, security doors is not complete, resolve security door hardware, let you learn more about the hardware!