It is the hinge joint office file cabinet

  • Release date:2016-07-29
  • Abst:It is the hinge joint office file cabinet

    1, office file cabinets metal parts What?

    For file cabinet, do not look all its appearance of wood, but their "inner" But there is much, oh, hardware components will not only timber tightly linked, will also hold the file cabinet as a whole, the role should not be overlooked, oh. Then the file cabinet metal parts, what does?

    ① activity basket. Activities Baskets make it easier to take place;

    ② door basket. It can make full use of space for storing cosmetics, underwear;

    ③ shirt pulling plate. Can be placed Shirts, T-shirts and other senior coat to keep clothes smooth;

    ④ Trouser Press. Trousers to prevent creasing, can strip hanging trousers;

    ⑤ lifting sling bar frame. Can be easily accessed at a higher position hanging clothes;

    ⑥ trellis.

    ⑦ laminates buckle. Laminates laminates embedded buckle prevents accidentally fall;

    ⑧ file cabinet drawer. The latest style chest of drawers is a glass surface, more convenient to pick up clothes;

    ⑨ rail and so on.

    2, office file cabinet door hinge big role

    File cabinet hinges, door hinges also called file, we often say that file cabinet hinges, cabinet hinges file, the easiest file cabinet hinge is made up of two connected patches, at the junction by machining connected by an iron bar. Patch can freely connect, respectively, in two patches above the hole, a door fixed on a file, the other one is fixed to the side of the filing cabinet, so that the file can be freely open and close the door, and opened easily.

    Now, file cabinet hinge has a new requirement:

    ① due to limitations of living space, often in the design document door opening and closing time will be designed the way up and down, or push-pull method, which hinges on the requirement is to be able to withstand the high frequency of use;

    ② file cabinet design increasingly biased in favor of versatility and overall direction;

    ③ design and manufacturing must be combined with organic. Manufacturer according to the style file cabinet to select adapted to hinge;

    ④ installation process must be careful. Re-design is reasonable, then precision manufacturing, the installation process is a problem, but finally lost by the wayside;

    ⑤ service must be in place. Due to the high frequency of use, file cabinet hinge will be damaged, especially the opening and closing of the upper and lower hinge, the more need for high quality requirements.

    3, how to select office file cabinet door hinge

    Origin Selection

    Depending on the nature of the file cabinet and the accuracy of their arrangement, plus the weight of the door itself, the domestic variety of file cabinet door hinge is difficult to achieve the necessary file quality, so often there will be laughter, the door is too large situation, and foreign brands of door hinge file does not exist these problems.

    Brand Selection

    Good quality file cabinet door hinge performance, when using the open and close freely, no noise, can withstand thousands of times switch without deformation damage. Such as the German "Hettich" quick hinge. In destructive experiments, 10cm away from the hinge on the door at 5 kg load, switch 3 seconds / second, open life of up to 80,000 times.

    Listen to the sound

    Hinge solid feel good, smooth surface, strong load-bearing capacity, file doors stretch freely, the door is generally not the case slide channel appears. The poor quality hardware general use thin metal and other low-cost metal, doors stretch jerky, and even harsh voice.

    Weigh weight

    Hinge same specifications, if the quality is relatively heavy, indicating its high density, relatively excellent choice of materials producers, quality is relatively assured.

    In this, we hope to document the door hinges and other hardware to have sufficient attention. In the filing cabinet use, the hinge is to be tested, it is not only the door to the cabinet and accurately link up, but also bear alone the weight of the door, and the door must remain consistent arrangement unchanged, otherwise some after time, there will be loose. One can imagine that this "joint" How important for filing cabinets, filing cabinets, in order to avoid such tragedies like Paul, we must take good care of their "joint"!