Learn doors and windows hardware accessories particularly important

  • Release date:2016-07-29
  • Abst:Learn doors and windows hardware accessories particularly important

    Life, doors and windows hardware accessories is particularly important, many of the people are unaware of hardware accessories directly buy doors and windows, often find fault do not know what the reasons are, the following small for everyone to explain the life of several common metal doors and windows Accessories:

    A sliding window hardware accessories

    Aluminum or steel rail sliding window is formed directly on the window frame profiles, fixed at the bottom sash pulley system. Freely sliding sash window depends not only on whether the quality of the pulley system, and with the profile and flatness precision and accuracy of the relevant sash mounting. Dust and wear and tear on the track sliding sash pulleys also affect the switching function. Sliding window locks are generally bolt lock, the lock because of the mounting accuracy is not high, dust and other reasons and failure. Sliding window handle is usually replaced by a switch section bolt locks, but there are also high-end sliding window sash will make a curved profile, from the handle role.

    Two ordinary casement window hardware accessories

    One of the fundamental parts of the casement window hinge is. Since the open nature of the one-way hinge, hinge always installed in the opening direction, that is, within the window hinge installed in the room, outside the window hinge installed outdoors. In order to prevent hinge affect windows sealed, welded metal window hinge usually out of window profiles. Outside the window lock is a rotating card lock, usually in combination with a handle lock. Ordinary inner window lock can be simple latch. The disadvantage is that there is no rotation of the bolt lock card pressing function. Within the window handle is independent, the relationship does not react with other components. The stopper member is outside the window necessary to prevent the wind blowing and the sash collision. However, to a limited extent with the firm two hinge stopper formed three fixed planes, good quality copper stopper is done, the purpose of rust.

    Three introversion casement window hardware accessories within

    Conceptual introversion within the casement from the formal point of view, is not only in the lower hanging open, but also within the casement window. But this is much more than a special fenestration, in fact, it is a variety of control functions of the integrated window. First, when the dumping within this window, the destination is ventilation. Top scissor connection plays the role of stopper. When the inner flat open, the top scissor connecting member is a hinge. A bottom hinge is also used for introversion axis. The purpose of the inner casement one hand, can be clearly observed the window view, more importantly, it is easy to clean glass. Design does not consider cleaning glass window type is the middle and low residential building construction very few clean and bright windows reasons. Introversion can say is that people within casement comprehensive sexual satisfaction. Introversion within the casement window hardware includes scissor top connectors, upper corner fittings, locks, handles, connecting rod, multi-point lock, lower corner fittings and introversion window shaft bottom, the bottom of the bottom hinge and internal rotation axis. This hardware is suitable for wood, aluminum and steel windows. How fixed link on the sash it? There are two solutions. The first is designed to double sets of connecting rod, which is used to set fixed, the other for interlocking snap. The second is on the window frame profiles predesigned slide groove. The second scheme is better than the first option in terms of service life and maintenance-free.