Furniture accessories are also a lot of hinge rail hanging code everything important

  • Release date:2016-07-29
  • Abst:Furniture accessories are also a lot of hinge rail hanging code everything important

    First, purchase and installation of furniture hinges


    1, the hinge buy

    Hinge, also known as hinge, which is mainly two kinds of ordinary chain hinge spring hinges, is connected to the main member of the cabinet and door panels. Furniture in daily use, tested the most is the hinge. Hinge not only to join the cabinet door, also bear alone the weight of the door, so the effect of opening and closing the hinge and durability are basic requirements, followed by the hinge need to have adjustability, opening angle should be 90 degrees or more, and can at any angle stopped; the last to have a certain degree of corrosion resistance and safety.

    Ordinary hinge Optional: ordinary hinge mainly brass and stainless steel. Brass hinges generally more yellow the better, suggesting that high levels of copper. The difference hinges cut corners, not reach the standard in the specifications and thickness. Good hinge thickness of about 3 mm, the difference is relatively thin hinge. Should choose a good sealing performance hinge, opening and closing of the purchase, pulling a few feel its flexibility and robustness.

    Spring hinges Optional: spring hinge with full cover, half cover, do not cover the points, three different connectors for door and cabinet. Choose to look for the brand, the brand's spring small piece easy to aging, fatigue, sagging door. Stainless steel hinges and wall is thin, but good toughness, prone to breaking. Cast iron hinge thick wall, but easy to break. Do not pay attention to the hinge on the lack of adjustment screw, otherwise difficult to match.

    2, hinge mounting points

    Front hinge installation, you should check whether the door and window frames match, fans and so on. Further hinge chaining should box, fan material match. When installed, should ensure that the shaft with a hinge on the same vertical line, so as not to fan plate bomb doors Alice.

    Second, the purchase and installation of rails

    1, slide buy

    Slide is available for furniture doors, drawers or other moving parts movement, usually slotted or curved rails, often fitted with ball bearings. Large and small furniture doors, drawers, etc. can freely sliding smoothly, load-bearing how, thanks to the support rails.

    Slide Optional: Optional, the first look at the track material, plastic pulleys, steel, durable nylon pulley is the most common of the three materials, which is the top grade durable nylon, slide, quiet and silent; second look at slide pull strength, hand to push very hard to see if it is pulled out; three to see whether the slide swing, slide mounted on the drawers can not swing too much sway.

    2, slide installation points

    First need to install slide rails apart, mounted on a narrow side, mounted on the cabinet width. The installation must be according to certain data, to determine a good rail length, and depth counter to select the appropriate size of the installation.

    Third, the purchase and installation of hanging code

    The cabinet hardware, wall cabinet hanging wall cabinets is to support the main force. Each hanging code should be able to withstand the vertical force 50KG hanging, with three-dimensional adjustment function should be flame retardant plastic parts, free of cracks and scars.

    1, optional hanging code

    Wall cabinets hanging code is to hang on the wall of a hardware accessories, wall cabinets and wall connections to achieve. Hanging code for extra hidden and suspended two. Currently on the market there are surface mounted PVC and steel invisible hanging hanging code code, load-bearing capacity of the latter stronger, longer aging period.

    Hanging code to buy Weapon: When choosing furniture, wall cabinet hanging code, from aesthetics to examine and load-bearing capacity. Taking into account the surface mounted hanging code may affect the appearance, it is recommended to take hidden hanging code. In addition, with regard to the choice of material, if you can choose a lighter load-bearing wall cabinet PVC material, but if the load is heavy, then you need to choose a larger loading capacity of the material.

    2, hanging code installation

    Often with hanging hanging code sheet with installation. Must be installed according to layout construction crane hanging code code when installed, are not free to install or change the angle code hanging. Longitudinal turning hanging code must be installed perpendicular to the cross section must be perpendicular to the longitudinal section of the transverse turning hanging code installation. Hanging code negative aspect structurally weak, mainly the strength, the use of local and short-beams or brackets methods strengthened to prevent hanging code negative aspect of structural damage.