Tianjin Metal Products Old metal recycling industry outlook

  • Release date:2016-07-27
  • Abst:Tianjin Metal Products Old metal recycling industry outlook

    With China's sustained and rapid economic growth, energy and resource scarcity, increasing pressure on the economic and social development bottleneck increasingly prominent, we should learn from the management experience of developed countries, focusing on recycling and reuse of resources, and to develop into a set "recycling" and "re-create" as one of the independent industry, recycling industry. "Recommendations of the Tenth Five-Year Plan of National Economy and Social Development" should be made to accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, promoting economic development and population, resources and the environment. Tianjin Machinery recyclers to explain, vigorously develop the recycling industry, Tianjin hotel equipment recycling is an effective way to solve the problem of shortage of resources in China, but also the development of recycling economy, establish a conservation-oriented society, the inevitable choice. Su materials recovery Ltd. in a fair, reasonable and mutually beneficial principle of trading. The price is reasonable, abide by its commitments. Green reasonable, win-win development channels.

    Garbage recycling, recycling --- environmental expert opinion: only misplaced resources, no real garbage. Garbage is ultimately a recycling-oriented society. Garbage is garbage as mixed waste and rubbish is rubbish as dispensing resources; mixed waste is sent to landfill, occupied a lot of land, packaging waste recycling is distributed to the various departments, not occupation of land; whether it is mixed garbage incineration or landfill could contaminate the land and the atmosphere, and will facilitate the dispensing of garbage harmless treatment; mixed garbage increased labor and environmental sanitation department, packing garbage just our little effort.

    According to Skyworth Group, he told reporters: "If the cost of waste electronics recycling regulations mainly borne by the manufacturer, the costs will account for about 10% of the cost of the product, which the company is unbearable." At present, China's electronic information industry overall profitability is low, even household electrical appliance enterprises profit margins of only 2% -3%.

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